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Alishia Gilbert 


Alishia Gilbert has always had a positive and growing presence around Atlanta. This yoga enthusiast and all-around athlete of over 20 years, is constantly finding new ways to connect others with peace, inner beauty, and improved health. After the heartbreaking death of her father, Alishia began to make a healthy lifestyle a top priority while finding her inner beauty. She has introduced to yoga a few years ago, quickly adapting it to her fitness routine. Her company, La’s Beauty and Wellness, was birthed from the idea of carefully building the total person. 


La’s Beauty and Wellness is a premier health and wellness company with an edge.  We focus on being healthy and improving the mind, body, and spirit through other health-related products and services. La’s Beauty and Wellness continues to establish itself throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta area by educating people to become a better you. She understands that the most efficient way to help others improve their lives is by remaining devoted to always striving to become better herself. 

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